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1530 ATC wood CNC router machine price

2017-06-03 14:04:50 views:
High precision metal cutting following system

1530 wood CNC router machine price



 Working area  1500*3000mm
 Traveling speed  1520*3040*250mm
 Machine weight  2200kgs
 Traveling speed  60m/min
 Working speed  20m/min
 Spindle parameters  6.0kw/24000RPM/ATC
 Controller  Syntec 6MB
 Driving system  AC380V/3 PH/50Hz
 Reducing system  Precision transmission by Taiwan hardened reducer
 Electronic accessories  Taiwan Delta VFD/Schneider low voltage electrical components/high quality cable
 Transmission system  Hardened lapped rack and pinion in X,Y axis+ Taiwan ball screw in Z axis
 Positioning mode  Positioned in three points by portable high precision positioning cylinder  +     portable positioning blocks
 Table structure  Double adsorbable countertops, material in HPL, large suction by slots
 Tool magazine  10 tools with carousel tool magazine
 Lubricating system  Automatic lubricating system
 Safety system  Over travel protection/scram protection/ limit location/Air pressure alarm/safety protection guard/design scheme/electronic protection

Sign making- All types of 2D and 3D signs in woods, metals and plastics

Metal Fabrication- Non-ferrous part manufacturing

Plastic Fabrication- Engineering plastics, retail and point of sale

Solid Surface- Process modern and traditional materials

General Woodworking- Furniture, shopfitting, scenery production and more

Grapics and Print Finishing- Cut-to-print using multiple tools for all materials

Exhibition Stands - Large format routing for all requirements

Scenery and Sets - Fast turnaround and high quality processing

Foam Packaging- 2D and 3D processing with router and knife tools

Interiors - Multi-purpose routing and engraving in all materials

Point of Purchage- Display stands, fixtures and fittings 





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